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Electric Guitar, Drums and Bass guitar
At Rock Stars Music School we teach electric guitar, drums and bass guitar in a rock-band environment.

Lessons are taught on a 2:1 basis with a maximum of two students to one tutor. This allows for confidence building and musical interaction.

During each one hour lesson, students spend 40 minutes working with our experienced tutors, followed by an exciting 20 minute jam session, where students and tutors play in a band together, performing four rock or pop classics every lesson, and putting into practice what they have learnt in their lesson.

All students follow very successful teaching modules (theory). The guitarists, not only learn the skills and various techniques, they also learn guitar music theory.

As with the drummers, they learn all the necessary skills, but will be learning drum theory too.

This in itself is so beneficial, both to junior and senior students.

Over the years, we have seen many junior students learn drum theory, what a start in life that is, for such a young age too, the same for guitarists. They go on to senior school very well advanced in their chosen hobby/subject.

Certificates for achievement are awarded to the students as they go through the modules, which are also presented at our charity concerts.

Our lessons run for 50 weeks per year. We continue throughout all school holidays, with the exception of Christmas/New Year when the school closes for 2 weeks.

Charity Rock Concert

As well as performing in the weekly jam sessions, all students take part in Charity Rock Shows each year, performing on a big stage in front of family & friends. Over the years we have managed to raise money for a much needed local charities with these events. The charity we prefer to support is the The Rainbow Trust as it's a child based charity.