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Welcome To Rock Stars Music School

We at Rock Stars Music Schools have been trading since January 2008, and have taught many children to play either Guitar, Drums or Bass Guitar.

We have seen children come to our schools as complete beginners, most if not all, never played or even held an electric guitar before, and likewise with the drums. Yet, a few short years down the line, many have developed into very competent musicians in their own right.

Our testimonials are all genuine past or present customers (and everyone can be verified upon request). You will see parents are very pleased, and proud to have witnessed the personal development of their children as they have worked their way through our teaching methods.

We have also seen just how music involvement can increase a child's confidence. Our schools are designed around the students having fun while they learn. We regard them as being social, and extremely rewarding too.

Many children come to us with different levels of skills and ability. We see all kinds, predominately they have no music ability whatsoever, yet have a strong desire to learn, and be successful. This is something we specialise in the teaching of complete beginners.

Yet, we do see students who unknown to themselves, and certainly their parents, have hidden talents. A natural ability for playing musical instruments, whether it be guitar or drums, and we develop and coach these talents.

A perfect example of this can be seen in the new and up and coming band 'THE SESSIONS'. The average age being just 12, and all either current or past students of Rock Stars.

We were asked by parents of some of the students, if it would be possible to help their children do more with their newly found skills. With this in mind, we decided to form a rock band. After much hard work by all concerned they are now performing in front of live audiences. Their first gig was at the Georgian Theatre, Stockton-on-Tees, playing to a capacity crowd, they opened the show with a five-song set and received a standing ovation - they were absolutely fantastic.

They can be seen on Youtube - 'The Sessions at the Georgian Theatre'.

Rock Stars are very proud of all their students, both past and present. We put a lot of energy and time into the development of the children. If you would like your child to be part of the Rock Stars Schools, please get in touch.You can apply online or by telephone to book your FREE TASTER SESSION for your child. We do prefer the free taster, as we like you and all prospective students to come and see, and try first, before you make any decisions.

School Manager Brian Robinson pictured with Rock Stars student James Morgan

Lead Singer Jake Hope trying out some new material

Drumming Tutor Nick Lofthouse pictured with Rock Stars student Joe Morgan